The Next Native is an online boutique that specializes in a unique offering of highly curated southwest boho fashion. Our mission is to find brands (many of which are women owned) that represent the native beauty that exists all around us while donating proceeds through the Nature Conservancy to protect the places that inspire us most. We want to provide clothes that will speak to free-spirited women that are ready to slow down and truly take in the world around them. At Next Native, we want to speak to women everywhere who have an adventurous mind and an open heart, and to inspire wandering souls with our chic collection of western styles.

Our Story

The Next Native launched in early 2017 as a online boutique specializing in bohemian clothing. Next Native is a concept created by Cara Sipan through her genuine admiration of her upbringing as a 6th generation southern California native. Her mother—a free spirit and musician—traveled around on horseback giving vaccinations to more than 2000 people in South America. She spent the 1980s in the Peace Corps, and hasn’t slowed down her humanitarian efforts since. Cara’s father—a Ramones-loving surfer who stitched his own cowhide patchwork bell bottoms in his 20s—took a deep dive into the architecture of Santa Fe and the American southwest which lead him to become a true master of Spanish and Pueblo homes and restaurants.

Through the artistic and cultural influence of her parents, Cara was encouraged to develop her creativity, seek inspiration, and explore the outdoors. Her unique upbringing and the quirky fashion aesthetic of both her parents was coupled with a genuine desire to be close to nature. As a model, artist, and business grad herself, Cara has always had an eye for design, style, color, and texture. Therefore, her transition into the fashion business was an easy one.

Our Mission

When Cara decided to enter the world of fashion, she wanted to create a unique marketplace that would represent the artistic aesthetic, exciting travels, and creative experiences that led her here while giving back to nature conservation causes that are close to her heart. The result: on online boutique offering a unique and exciting collection of brands that seek to inspire other women to be themselves confidently, to enjoy the native beauty all around us, and to look and feel good doing it. The Next Native is committed to donating a portion of proceeds to The Nature Conservancy, an organization that protects the native landscapes around us.

Our collection of southwestern boho fashions are curated with a desire to allow women to express their individuality through clothing. Whether you’re searching for your next power look, or you’re looking for fashionable clothing that won’t kill your unique vibe, we have exactly what you need.

Our Brands

As on online boutique, we have a unique ability to provide the best in current southwest boho fashion. We make it our goal to finds women owned brands that have a distinct and special story, which makes their clothing particularly beautiful and remarkable. Some of our current brands include Cleobella, Someday’s Lovin, Rue Stiic, Minkpink, Mate the Label, Olympia Theodora, Free People, and many more. With cozy sweaters, chic dresses, comfy graphic tees, and stunning accessories, we want to provide everything you need to become your own fashion icon.

We seek to excite your individual fashion sense by always providing the top styles and staying on-trend while still stepping out of the box. We’re constantly on the hunt for new brands to add to our already-thriving collection, and we know that you’ll love our highly-curated collection just as much as we do. But don’t take our word for it, take a look at our unique southwestern styles yourself!