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Matching Shirt and Skirt Sets

Sets Are Now Trending

Matching tops and bottoms don’t just refer to pajamas anymore. Once a short-lived craze from the ‘70s, matching set outfits are now trending again. Women love the chic minimalism, ease of wear, and comfort of matching sets.

Celebrities take to the red carpet in gorgeous skirt and shirt sets that stand on par with any designer gown. Business women wear feminine yet powerful matching sets to help bring their fashion sensibilities into their workplace. Young women capitalize on the ease of matching shirt and shorts sets when building their music festival wardrobes. If you haven’t gotten in on this trend yet, find the outfit that best suits you and strut your stuff!

Simple Yet Foolproof Sets For Your Arsenal

The Next Native stocks clothing for modern bohemian women who must balance their busy daily lives with their love of fashion and beauty. A solid matching set or two will go a long way in helping you maintain this balance with minimal effort.

With a matching skirt set in your closet, you have a quick go-to option for those days when you want to set out on your adventures right away instead of sift through your closet. For example, wear a luxurious matching skirt and shirt set for an elegant party look that is just a notch more casual than a full-on dress. Or, wear a leisurely shirt and shorts set to your next movie marathon. You’ll be the cutest potato on the couch.

Trusty Festival Sets

Matching sets are a favorite at music festivals. We all know that dainty crop tops and loose-fitting short shorts are the only acceptable way for a festival girl to beat the heat! Stuff your suitcase with matching sets and you’ll have outfits prepared for every day of your music fest. That way, you’ll be able to focus on your busy itinerary instead of your outfit. Choose just revealing enough sets that show off that perfect tan!

How should you go about looking for the perfect matching set for a music festival? Festival fashion is all about boho chic - particularly tribal patterns. If you find a cool matching skirt and shirt set or shirt and shorts set in a great tribal pattern, then you’ve found the perfect festival-going outfit! Crocheted or fringed designs are also things you should look for in the perfect festival outfit.

Slip Into Easy and Comfortable Chic!

Just like our rompers and jumpsuits, our matching sets are perfect one-step outfits for days when you want to save a tons of time without sacrificing glam. Find one that suits your personal figure and style and you’ll have a versatile outfit to wear for years to come. We’re glad this ‘70s trend looks like it’s here to stay. Come back often to discover new matching sets in cute boho styles!

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