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Trendy Bottoms

While there’s no question that we absolutely love our tops and dresses, finding the perfect trendy bottoms can make or break an outfit. Here at The Next Native, we’ve curated a stunning collection of bohemian style skirts and pants that perfectly align with our free-spirited vibe and southwestern style. These bottoms can be the perfect complement to any top, or a statement piece all in themselves—the choice is up to you!

We’ve curated a range of beautiful styles that align with our mission to allow every woman to fully embrace her own personal fashion sense, and we encourage you to try out different outfits and mix and match your bottoms until you find an outfit that will have people saying, “oh, that’s so you!”

Styles That Will Inspire You To Live Life Confidently

In our collection of trendy bottoms, we believe that we’ve found the ideal styles that will inspire women everywhere to live life confidently. With stunning skirts, cut-off jeans, and patterned fabric shorts, there is something for every season in our bottoms collection. All of our trendy bottoms can be paired with a simple top that will make them stand out or a loud and thrilling shirt that will take center stage. However you may choose to combine these stunning styles, we know that our unique collection will inspire you to be adventurous with your fashion choices and explore your personal sense of style.

Brands With a Distinct Mission

When it comes to finding clothes that exude our signature sense of southwestern style, we are always seeking brands that have their own unique stories and distinct mission. When clothes are made with a purpose, their individuality is always guaranteed to shine through. Some of our favorite brands in our trendy bottoms collection include Minkpink, Cleobella, Rue Stiic, Somedays Lovin, and Free People.

By focusing on brands that seek to provide clothing that is both inspiring and confidence-inducing, we are able to pursue our own mission of providing essential clothing options to open-minded, adventurous women. In our stunning collection of bohemian style skirts and pants, we’ve definitely met our goal of providing unique options that speak to the specific fashion sense of every woman.

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At Next Native, we seek to provide southwestern fashions to adventurous women that are yearning to explore their unique sense of style. In our collection of trendy bottoms, we’ve curated amazing options from some of our favorite brands that will provide the perfect touch of boho chic style to any outfit you are putting together.

Whether you’re searching for your go-to pair of cutoff jeans of your favorite suede skirt, we know you’ll fall in love with our unique collection of bohemian style skirts and pants. Shop our collection of trendy bottoms right now!

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