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Vanessa Mooney

The Ivy Belt

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Snake Belt Saudara The Label


Snake Belt


Belts are a vital boho fashion accessory. Once you’ve learned how to style them, you can use them to add personality to virtually any outfit. The Next Native offers a great selection of boho chic belts to go with all of your printed maxi dresses, cowboy boots, and festival headbands. Made of durable leather and sturdy buckles, these bohemian style belts will go a long way to creating new options for your wardrobe.

Motifs Inspired By The Southwest

Do things such as nature, adventure, and mythology inspire you? Next Native is right there with you. Southwestern imagery inspires us, and we like to wear that inspiration on our sleeves. That’s why all of our bohemian style belts are ready for the rodeo!

Try showing off your bold and down-to-earth personality with a boho chic belt that features a medusa, panther, or gold horseshoe as a buckle. We also love vintage-inspired metalwork – look for our metal chain belts. Next Native belts are an effortless way to spruce up your outfit with something fun, bold, and quirky!

Trendy and High-Quality

We are dedicated to bringing you the latest in trendy belts. Our bohemian style belts feature hip, unique details that will keep you on the cutting edge of boho fashion. You’ll love our beautiful engraved buckles and our soft, genuine leather. We also make sure to choose boho chic belts with a classic feel, so that you can wear them with a wide range of outfits.

Not only are these boho belts chic and on trend, but they’re also built to last! Be prepared to grace many outfits with your new favorite belt. Our belts are made by beloved, established designers such as Vanessa Mooney and Sancia. The craftsmanship of these brands continually amazes us, and we think you’ll enjoy these belts too for years to come.

Many Ways To Wear

Belts are a great addition to all sorts of outfits. Wear skinny belts with high-waisted pants for a slimming effect. Wear wide belts with mid-waist pants and dresses to add additional style points to the outfit. And, if you’re feeling extra creative, you can wear your boho chic belt in fun and unconventional ways! Wrap your favorite belt around a work blazer, jumpsuit, or wrap dress, for instance. One of the essential elements of a great boho outfit is personality, after all.

A belt is a great way to add definition to an outfit that seems like it’s missing something. Make sure your closet is equipped with plenty of belts to go with all of your different wild fashion personas. Match a belt with the right bracelets and necklaces for an outfit that’s genuinely the package deal!

Shop Boho Belts Now!

Belts are such a great way to upgrade your wardrobe. Whether you’re looking for the perfect belt for a specific outfit or a versatile belt to go with anything, we’ve got you covered. Shop now to find the perfect bohemian style belt for you!

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