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Free People

Modern Love Soft Bra

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A New Way To Shop Intimates

One of The Next Native’s goals is to bring smaller boho fashion labels to you to give you options outside of the norm. Many women feel like their only options for intimates are the major chain brands because of how important high-quality intimates are. Think beyond Victoria’s Secret. If those brands do not suit your style, don’t settle! Wearing intimates that match your style will boost your comfort, and your confidence!

We’re proud to offer you our selections of ladies’ bohemian intimates and lingerie, which we’ve chosen for their perfect balance of comfort and style. Browse our collection of trendy bodysuits, bras, and bralettes and you’ll realize that when you shop our intimates, your options satisfy.

Embrace The Enduring Bodysuit Trend

As part of our ladies’ bohemian intimates and lingerie collection, we stock trendy bodysuits in all colors and styles. That’s because they go so well with whatever bottoms you choose to wear.

Bodysuits originated in the 1950s as a derivative of dance leotards. As you probably know, their popularity endures today, especially amongst people who love boho fashion. Unlike most shirts, they continue to taper at the waist, making trendy bodysuits a perfect companion to full or pencil skirts, full pants, and even shorts!

Bodysuits do wonders for your silhouette. What’s more, they’re surprisingly comfortable. Just imagine slipping your upper body into one cozy glove! You’ll feel like a ballerina. Try on a few and find the ones that suit you!

Graceful and Girly Designs…

Our ladies’ bohemian intimates and lingerie are always girly, but never gaudy. Many bra designers are overboard in lace, garish colors and wiring. We pick only the subtlest and most tasteful of designs from worthy brands including Free People, Cleobella (who make their clothing by hand), and Somedays Lovin. You should feel elegant and girly in your underwear, and we like to think our trendy bras and bodysuits are a perfect degree of fancy!

Simple and Soft Materials…

When it comes to bras, wiring should be kept to a minimum. It’s uncomfortable and adds pressure to your rib cage! If you haven’t already replaced your wired bras with some comfy, health-conscious, wire-free ones, then we strongly suggest doing so. Beauty should never come at a cost to your health! Similarly, our trendy bodysuits are all made from clothes that are worthy of sticking close to your body all day long.

Don’t Compromise on Intimates!

Intimates, by definition, rarely get seen by anyone but the wearer, many women skimp on their quality. In reality, it should be the opposite! A good intimates collection will leave you feeling sexy and free.

You may be surprised at just how great it feels to be confident in your intimates. Make sure you have a great collection of them! Browse our collection of ladies’ bohemian intimates and lingerie.

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