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Trendy Activewear

The Perfect Fusion of Fashion and Function

We at The Next Native are obsessed with both adventure and fashion. We love to look great, but we also love to be dressed to move! We know that we share this desire with many young women, so we stock nothing but the best trendy activewear here on our online store.

Whether you’re looking for activewear or athleisure wear, you may find what you’re looking for here. On this page is a collection of some of the clothes we love to wear when we hit the gym, explore the urban landscape, or run our daily errands. Welcome to Next Native’s one stop shop for functional activewear!

The Best Trendy Activewear For Your Needs

Form-fitting pieces inspired by yoga are the current trend in activewear, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still cater your workout closet to your individual needs! Crop tops may be the best way to show off your toned upper body, but loose-fitting shirts are more fun for activities such as dance. Leggings are great for almost any moderate-paced workout, but shorts are best for cardio activities such as running.

Figure-Flattering Designs

Though all trendy activewear tends to flatter the female figure by hugging the curves and creating a toned look, there are still many ways for you to further optimize your workout outfit. This can be as simple as choosing what skin you want to show, and how much. It’s up to you to find the designs that best suit your figure!

Motivate Yourself!

Do you want in on a fun workout tip? If you don’t find yourself in a mood to go to the gym, start by slipping into some cute, clean, figure-flattering workout clothes and shoes. Doing so will make you look and feel fitter and stronger, right away. You’ll immediately want to preserve that feeling by working out. Having a solid wardrobe of trendy activewear can really motivate you to stay on your exercise regime.

Fit For Athleisure, For Sure

Our activewear is cute, figure-flattering, and NEVER boring. We know what that means… That you’ll want to wear these items even on your days off from the gym! Good thing all of our items look as cute on the streets of the city as they do among the weight machines. Choose your favorite crop top and leggings and make it your power outfit. Make it a matching top-and-bottom set for extra fashion points!

Whether you’re a multi-tasking mom or a hard-working college student, you should consider making trendy activewear a part of your casual wardrobe. These items keep you free of sweat, and more importantly, free to move! Sometimes, it’s a good thing not to have to think about your outfit when you go about your daily business. Athleisure is a great way to do that. You almost won’t be expecting the compliments that come your way.

Browse Workout Clothing Now

We stock nothing but the highest quality trendy activewear for your casual and athletic needs. We hope you love the bold designs, colors, and patterns we’ve selected. Check out our current collection of activewear and come back often to view the new items we add seasonally!

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