Transitioning your Boho Wardrobe from Summer to Fall

As the weather starts to cool off and before you start packing away your favorite boho chic summer pieces, check out some creative ways that you can continue wearing your warm weather wardrobe into autumn, and some exciting ideas to make the transition into gorgeous fall-ready looks.

Here at The Next Native, we are all about versatile, interesting fashion that allows you to show off your creative side and maintain your laid back bohemian vibe all-year-long.


Read on to find some exciting ways to embrace the latest trends, as well as repurpose your summer wardrobe into must-have boho chic fall looks!

Keep It Cropped

We absolutely live in crop tops during the summer and are super reluctant to give them up as the fall slowly creeps in. From adorable bramis to cute gingham crops, these pieces are some of the easiest to layer and we have no qualms about doing so in autumn. These boho chic summer staples are perfect for transitional weather, as they’re simple to throw on and easy to style.

boho-chic-summer  boho-chic-summer1  boho-chic-summer2

Crop tops are so much fun to dress up and down and as the temperatures cool off, consider pairing your favorite garments with cute denim pants, cozy cardigans and structured jackets to add some seasonal flair. Crop tops can range from romantic and girly to a little more edgy or gypsy-feeling, so take your cues from your most-worn pieces when adding a breezy maxi skirt or classic denim jacket over the top to complete your look.

Take It from Mini to Maxi

We love how simple it is to sip into a cute boho chic summer mini dress during the summer and head out the door, and thankfully, that easy fashion solution doesn’t have to end when the season does! Stay effortlessly trendy and polished with boho chic fall maxi dresses that offer the same effect. This applies to your adored festival rompers as well—simply opt for similar silhouettes and necklines that offer you more coverage and protection from the elements for autumn days and nights. Try out some carefree maxi dresses and long jumpsuits that carry just as much style and uniqueness as your beloved summer options do.

Mini-to-Maxi  Mini-to-Maxi1  Mini-to-Maxi2

Your adventurous lifestyle and distinct bohemian vibe certainly shouldn’t be dulled down in the fall. Just like with your favorite boho chic summer looks, exquisite prints on your flattering jumpsuits and comfortable maxi dresses add excitement and whimsy to your ensemble and it’s fun to try out different accessories with your new looks. Try a charming hat or statement necklace to add layers of fun style for your next outing!

Be Daring with Denim

Denim cutoffs are undoubtedly a staple in your summer wardrobe, so why not take that classic material and make things fresh and unexpected with some fall-worthy garments? We love how versatile denim jackets are—they truly go with anything! From cute floral dresses to tailored pants, a trendy denim jacket is the perfect topper to add some casual, relaxed flair to a boho chic fall outfit. Explore chambray to dark wash and every shade in between to find your denim match made in heaven.

Daring-with-Denim  Daring-with-Denim1

From totally classic to distinctly bohemian, we love finding unique boho chic summer denim pieces that make for the ideal layer to take with you wherever you go. Denim has a magical mix of comfort and structure that makes it universally flattering and these pieces truly work during any season. Discover unique designs that can make denim jackets more interesting—indulge in bold embellishments or embroidered sleeve details and find the limitless options for your everyday bohemian fall ensemble.

Loaf Around in Style

As you start styling some interesting and fun to wear fall looks, make sure you don’t forget about your footwear! It’s so liberating to slide right into your favorite sandals and trek off the beaten path in the summertime, which is why investing in some cute, comfortable loafers is our highest recommended way to let your feet make that transition smoothly from boho chic summer into autumn whimsy and practicality.

Loaf-Around   Loaf-Around1

There’s something sophisticated and polished about a beautiful pair of loafers and we love them because they’re just as easy to slip on and off as your favorite pair of sandals. There are so many unique details in various boho chic fall loafers, from unexpected cutouts to sleek pointed toes and preppy tassel details. From ultra-feminine ruffle-accented shoes to casual unisex slip-ons, loafers make a fabulous everyday shoe when you want to look put together.

Opt for Adorable Pullovers

With options ranging from cropped knit pieces to slouchy and retro pullovers, these pieces are among our favorites as the weather starts to change. What’s great about our most-loved boho chic summer pullovers is that they look just as cute with our favorite cutoffs and mini skirts as they do with skinny jeans or a sweeping floor length maxi. We love the wide range of colors, cuts, materials, necklines and more that make this trend totally customizable to each woman’s individual style sense.

Adorable-Pullovers   Adorable-Pullovers1

Loose knit pullovers with woven cutout detailing or wide neck silhouettes are all super stylish and very bohemian, thanks to the carefree, low maintenance look they portray whether you wear them everyday or dress them up for special occasions. We are all about the timeless feel of our favorite pieces and take them to appreciate the individual details that make these boho chic summer layers the ideal go-to for fall tops. If you ask us, there’s nothing more perfect than a slouchy, slightly cropped sweater that’s super cozy and mod for cool summer nights and cozy fall days.

Discover Trendy Bohemian Fashion

No matter if you’re a Southwestern style lover or simply looking for chic ways to style a lovely boho chic fall wardrobe, we hope you’ve enjoyed our transitional summer to fall ideas for the modern woman’s closet. Shop Next Native’s exciting, adventurous and down-to-earth bohemian fashion to up your fashion game today!

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