Our Favorite Boho Accessories

Here at The Next Native, we love discovering new and classic styles that will help you build your amazing bohemian wardrobe and showcase your personal sense of style effortlessly.

Here’s a closer look at some of our favorite boho accessories that are currently making a splash in our everyday lives, on social media, and beyond.

Tassel-Laden Jewelry

As bonafide free spirits, we covet the freedom to wander, embrace nature and make the most of effortless bohemian style. We love discovering new and exciting ways to incorporate our most-loved style elements into our ensembles in new and interesting ways. Currently, we’re loving jewelry that features tassels uniquely.


We’ve always loved adorning our favorite dresses, shawls, and bags with tassels, but integrating them as delicate details into our jewelry is a trend that’s new and fun. From bold to subtle, tassels can completely change a standard pair of hoop earrings, add drama and color to gold jewelry and even make your favorite choker design avant-garde and modern.

Round Crossbody Bags

Effortlessly chic crossbody bags have long been a staple of southwestern boho accessories, and right now, we’re all about the round styles that add an extra bit of whimsy and structured style to our outfits. We love that these crossbodies are super easy to tote around, keep your hands free for dancing, holding drinks and hugging friends and of course, hold all your essentials safely and stylishly.


These bags are large enough to hold what you need, yet compact enough to carry all day without thinking twice! Plus, they are sturdy designs that won’t fall apart and feature gorgeously intricate patterns that set them apart from the crowd.

Minimalist Sunnies

We’re no stranger to layering accessories and styling bold outfits that express our confidence fully, which is why it may be a surprise that some of our favorite boho accessories at the moment are more minimal sunglasses styles. Of course, we’ll always love our colorful tints, dramatic styles and oversized frames, too, but we believe every girl should have a pair of more streamlined sunnies at the ready.


From simple aviator styles to traditional darker lenses and tortoiseshell frames, there’s something refined and even unexpected about pairing a free-flowing bohemian summer dress with understated sunglasses that creates a stunning look. These clean-looking shades are anything but boring!

Colorful Caps

Among our most worn accents are our varied collection of cherished hats that you can easily envision enhancing your adventurous lifestyle, whether you’re prepping for a music festival or hitting the road with a group of friends. We love a classic fedora or newsboy cap, beret or boater-style; and adding a surprising color to the mix of boho accessories is a trend we’re all about.


From a deep navy color that adds sleekness and sophistication to a look or a pop of red that feels vintage and pretty, adding color to your wardrobe in an unexpected manner is fun with these exciting styles.

Embrace Southwestern Chic

We are passionate about helping ladies look their absolute best and sometimes just the simplest pair of earrings or dapper hat can take an ensemble from nice to showstopping with just a little extra effort. Adding a subtle nod to the southwestern lifestyle with a delicate piece of turquoise jewelry or simply throwing on some retro-inspired aviator shades that pair perfectly with your favorite maxi dress can be a lovely way to incorporate boho accessories into your everyday style.

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