Meet our Model: Christina Zapolski

Christina Zapolski is a gem. Not only is this girl a complete stunner but she is the sweetest soul around. We chat with her a little about modeling, her lifestyle, favorite recipes and her time as Miss South Carolina USA! Despite all of her accomplishments and obvious drop dead beauty she is amazingly down to earth and relate-able. So without further ado meet our native babe, Christina! 

Christina Zapolski

+ Tell us about yourself: Hi, I'm Christina and I am a model in Los Angeles. I just moved here from Charleston, SC so I am totally loving exploring CA and learning about traffic and all that, haha! I am also such a fan of The Next Native and love being apart of such an amazing brand, I feel like such a Cali girl when Cara dresses me up!

(Swear I did not pay her to say any of that, haha!)

+ How did you get into modeling? I was scouted in NC when I was 15 with my friends at the beach. I was half totally embarrassed because I was around all my friends trying to be cool, and half freaking out because I was so excited and wanted to do modeling so bad.

+ Tell us about your experience as Miss South Carolina: I loveeeed doing so much community service throughout the year, and I honestly wish I had something similar now that got me out doing that again because it was amazing and so rewarding for me and all the people I got to be there for. The actual competing side was like a sport, and really fulfilled the completive nature in me. I was on the fence about giving it a go and looking back, I am so happy I did!

Christina Zapolski in a White Dress

+ How do you prepare your body when you have a shoot coming up? I usually try to cut out gluten and dairy. I am an all or nothing type of girl, so I have to literally give myself a list of things I cannot have, or I cheat!

+ What is your mantra? be yourself, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind

+ What is your favorite way to de-stress? I love taking baths! I will eat, read, watch shows, answer emails, pretty much do anything in there haha!

+ What does your normal workout look like? When I am motivated, I am usually doing squats and stuff to tone my legs and butt. When I am lazy, I typically ride the bike and watch tv haha.

+ You mentioned you are either really healthy, or really not healthy lol! What do your really healthy days look like? HAHA, yup. I am trying to do the really healthy right now and it blows! I eat a lot of eggs and a lot of salad. I try to stay away from dairy and gluten as much as possible, so that really narrows down what I can and cannot have. I also am not really a huge meat eater so I do eat a lot of peanut butter and nuts which makes me feel full for longer. 

+ Favorite thing to eat on the go? Sushi! Not that sushi is really an on the go food, but I do pick it up and eat it regularly when I am running around to castings, etc.

Christina Zapolski - A Model

+ Favorite recipe? There is this mexican street corn recipe I cannot stop making, it is super easy and is supposed to be a side dish, but I love it as a dip with chips! Try it, just trust me. Find the recipe: HERE

+ Beauty products you can't live without? Rose water has changed the game for me and I use it multiple times a day, also Oribe texturizing spray, and I am trying to use more natural beauty products, so RMS Beauty has been giving me life, especially there un-cover up concealer.  

+ Any tips or tricks you have learned on set? I feel like the weirder the pose, the better it looks in the pictures. I have felt totally awkward doing some things on set and then I see the pictures and I am like, "wowwww that was actually so cool"

+ If you weren't a model what would you want to do? I love interior design so I like to think that I would be successful doing that

+ What is your favorite place to travel & why? Ibiza; I went for a month with my family when I was little, and now when I go back for work it just has so many memories and significance to me. The island is also insanely beautiful and has so many different cultural influences, so every time I go, I have a totally different experience.  

+ What kind of music are you listening to currently? I am such a hit listener, no-one should listen to me when it comes to music, but I do want to learn and get better!

+ What is one thing most people don't know about you? I am a neat FREAK! ...Like extremely obsessive about things being clean and organized. My close friends and family call me "molly's maid" like the cleaning people that come to your house, because if you know me well, you know how crazy I am.

See why we love her? Connect with Christina on instagram @christinazapolski 

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