Finding the Perfect Winter Accessories

Keeping things warm and cozy in the wintertime doesn’t mean you have to compromise your amazing bohemian fashion sense! Whether you’re preparing for a cold weather getaway or updating your wardrobe for the colder months ahead, find some inspiration in our favorite boho accessories for winter ahead.

Hats On Point

While the warmer months are all about boathats and rancher styles, our must have winter hats have a fabulous boho chicness to them that serve as the perfect finishing touch to our winter outfits. Showcase your style in designs that toe the line between classic and trendy, and opt for colors that have a neutral edge or make a bold statement.

beret red  lola cap

We love the effortless appeal of a vintage-inspired slouchy suede cap or an easy-to-wear wool beret. These cute styles will keep your head warm when a gust of wind picks up and complement your cropped jacket and high waisted pants flawlessly. The best boho accessories are simple, yet dramatic enough to pull your whole outfit together, and these essential chapeaus do just that!

Hoops to Jump Through

Incorporating charming boho jewelry into your winter wardrobe can certainly be tricky, but something that always complements bohemian fashion is a pair of statement earrings. Brisk weather offers the perfect opportunity to keep your body covered in cozy layers and let your earlobes do the talking for you.

tortoise shell hoops  beat generation hoops

Dramatic hoops with intricate detailing, outfitted in tassels, and other stunning designs add the pop your winter fashion deserves! Style them with a chunky knit sweater or for the perfect blend of cozy chic and on-point trendiness.

Printed Bandanas and Scarves

We’re all about getting creative with out favorite boho accessories. Cute, patterned bandanas and chic scarves let you dress them up and style them however you like. Bandanas are an understated, but distinctly bohemian. accessory that add southwestern polish that will complete your winter ensemble.

 lila scarf annaliese bandana

A modern take on a classic accessory like a scarf is a no-brainer when it comes to winter style. A textured skinny scarf is an essential piece to incorporate into your closet — tie it at the front or wrap it a few times to create an individual go-to style inspired by bohemian fashion.

Sunny Days Ahead

Wintertime may not seem like the optimal climate for rocking your favorite pair of sunnies, but protecting your eyes from the reflection of the sun’s rays onto the glistening white snow is a must. Believe it or not, sunglasses are among our most worn boho accessories in the winter for practical reasons, so why not make them cute?

melody menswear trench  sunglasses shot

We love classic aviator and subtle cateye silhouettes that accent our favorite winter getups stylishly. Mix and match your favorite pairs of sunnies with cropped jackets, menswear-inspired garments like trousers and overcoats, and tall boots to express your style sense this season.

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