7 Summer Boho Trends We Love

There’s nothing like the warmth of summer to get us flying free into new adventures. As we head into the new season, there are seven summer clothing trends we are absolutely loving at The Next Native. We wanted to share these gorgeous boho trends with you as you put together your summer season wardrobe:

1. Mini Dress

The first of the summer clothing trends that we’re loving is the cute and cheeky mini dress. Whether it’s floral, gingham, denim, or embroidered, the mini dress allows you to show off some leg while coming off as the cool, casual, and laid-back gal you are. Great for travel, outings, or going for a dip in the pool, you can wear a mini dress over a swimsuit or layer it with some skinny jeans for a versatile look all day long. Our collection of mini dresses capture the freedom and beauty of this flirty length.

2. Off-the-shoulder

Another of our cheeky summer clothing trends is the off-the-shoulder design for dresses and tops. Enjoy the feminine look of drop sleeves and strapless dresses, catching the eye of onlookers while exuding confidence and courage. Check out our collection for dresses with a comfortable design that’s understated and sassy, or other pieces with elegant detailing. Boho trends incorporate a wonderful combination of raw beauty and daring edginess that the off-the-shoulder trend encapsulates perfectly!

3. Ruffles

In our favorite summer clothing trends, we couldn’t go without mentioning this elegant, Mexican-inspired feature. Ruffles, both large and small, go great with other southwestern trademarks like gingham, denim, and leather. The Next Native range of brands and clothing includes neckline, sleeve, and skirt ruffles—often in combination with other creative Boho trends like embroidery and smocking. The super-romantic tops in our collection are great examples of oversized ruffles for a Mexican or gypsy feel.

White mesh slip with bead detailing

4. Mesh fabrics

See-through, mesh fabrics are not only permitted in our favorite summer clothing trends, but encouraged! Make a statement by layering your favorite bra with a hot mesh top with bell sleeves, or wear a bralette and jeans with a stunning slip for a free-flowing look at festivals and events.

5. Embroidery

There are strong ethnic and vintage themes in the summer clothing trends this year, and the art of fabric embroidery ticks both of those boxes. Many of our clothes feature colorful and intricate bohemian and ethnic-inspired embroidery to express your creative soul and country roots. Our collection contains options that have both fashion-forward bohemian and Southwestern flair. We love this look!

6. Fringe

For those who want to go all out with a southwestern boho look in their summer clothing trends, fringe is the perfect embellishment to your other favorite Boho trends. You can make your fringe as refined or as country as you like with our wide range of curated clothing.

This summer, choose cute booties, cover ups at the beach, and relive the flapper days at evening parties with one of our dresses. If you’re traveling this summer, take your southwestern roots with you proudly everywhere you go with our exciting fringe-laced clothing.

7. Mexicana

The last of our favorite summer clothing trends this year is Mexicana. Our Mexican-inspired designs are fun, colorful, geometric, and super feminine—highlighting your natural beauty and giving you the freedom to enjoy the heat in lightweight, breathable fabrics. Mexicana can be as simple as the ruffle design and drawstring neckline cute top, or as intricately embroidered as the bright and colorful bag or wallet.

Hand-tooled painted Mexicana walletCleobella is our go-to brand for ethnic designs, and their philosophy of supporting local artisans in South East Asia resonates with our love of inspired and authentic living. Check out their Mexicana painted wallets for a firm leather clutch that features an exquisite hand-tooled pattern and whipstitch edge detailing.

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Here at Next Native, we are here to help you express your raw beauty and adventurous spirit with our brands of authentic and unique clothing in down-to-earth, boho styles. Browse through our wide range of curated clothing to find the pieces that express your unique personality and flair in boho fashion, selecting from a multiplicity of colors, styles, and free-flowing fabrics. To learn more about us and our clothing, contact us online and sign up to our mailing list for exclusive discounts. Shop Next Native now!

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