5 Packing Tips for Your Next Festival

Energetic crowds, excitement, dancing in nature and enjoying each other’s company is what truly makes music festivals some of the most wonderful and uplifting experiences each year. If you’re a festival novice or simply looking for some helpful festival packing ideas to up your preparedness game, then keep on reading!

1. Your Go-To Dress

Settling on just one or two dresses to bring for your music festival outfit lineup is as hard as it sounds, but you’ll be happy once you put a little thought into your go-to festival outfit idea for the weekend.

Girls Wearing Different Dress Styles

Be sure to choose a style that’s light, free-flowing and comfortable, as you’re sure to be dancing around with your friends as you hop from stage to stage and spending tons of time in the sun. You’ll want something that lets you dance freely, while also looks gorgeous in all of those pictures you’ll be posing for. Plus, dresses don’t take up a lot of room in your suitcase or bag, which is always a bonus.

2. A Chic Hat

No festival outfit idea is truly complete without a gorgeous hat complementing your ensemble. Not only do classic fedoras and wide-brimmed boaters give your festival outfit the perfect finishing touch, but they also keep the delicate skin on your face shaded from the sun, which you’ll be super grateful for!

Girls Wearing A Chic Hat

Accessorizing is essential at a festival, so don’t be afraid to bring your fantasy festival outfit idea to life with a gorgeous embroidered dress, some statement jewelry, and a stunning hat.

3. Find Cover

Despite the balmy temperatures during the daytime courtesy of the blazing sun, nights in the desert can be deceptively cool. So, be sure that your festival packing includes ideas for sweaters, pullovers or shawls that will look chic with your daytime outfits and keep you warm in the evenings.

Girls Wearing Shawl, Sweater & Pullover

While you might be reluctant to pack a bulky sweater for a summer festival, you’ll be grateful for the warmth and can also use your cover-up as the perfect blanket for picnicking or relaxing in the grass during the day!

4. Bag It Up

No matter if your style lends itself more to a chic crossbody or a fringed backpack, deciding which bag you are going to count on to carry all of our festival essentials and accessories for your favorite festival outfit ideas is a must.

Different Bag Styles

You’ll want to have a bag that’s sturdy enough to hold your must-haves and will hold up as you dance all night long. This is an important item not to forget about! You won’t want your perfect festival outfit idea suddenly clashing with your bag choice. Make sure you have your festival packing ideas set before deciding on this accessory.

5. Cute, Comfortable (Closed-Toe) Shoes

Sandals and heels are gorgeous choices for most occasions, but festival outfit ideas can manage to be practical and chic at the same time. Keep in mind that you’ll be walking through dirt and grass most of the day (and mud, if it rains!), so a cute closed-toe shoe is the best option for music festivals.

Close Toe Shoe Styles

Luckily, there are plenty of cute booties, boots and more that will perfectly complement your festival outfit while being ideal for the time you’ll be spending in nature.

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